European Perspectives on Transformation Theory
Ted Fleming, Alexis Kokkos & Fergal Finnegan, Editors
ISBN 9783030191580

This book offers a concise and comprehensive exploration of the theory of transformative learning by European researchers. Exploring Mezirow’s theory of transformative learning as a ‘living theory’, the editors and contributors ask whether there a uniquely European perspective on this theory that reflects Europe’s traditions and contexts. What is the nature of that perspective, and how is it similar or different to those espoused in the USA? This book outlines how the theory of transformative learning has been developed by European researchers, and how it has built upon, critiqued, and enriched the Transformation Theory proposed by Mezirow. Consequently, this volume outlines new theoretical perspectives for the future evolution of transformative learning and explores theoretical perspectives that can be put into practice in a range of fields. This wide-ranging volume will be of interest and value to all those interested in transformative learning theory.