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The Italian Transformative Learning Network (ITLN) is a non-formal and non-profit organization based at the University of Siena. It was created in 2016 as a community of researchers and scholars who share the common commitment to support and increase theoretical perspectives, methodologies and practices focused on transformative and emancipatory learning processes. Since its foundation, it has promoted research, conferences, events and training activities aimed to:

a) support the development of studies and research on learning in a transdisciplinary and transversal perspectives;

b) organize and encourage meetings and active cooperation between scholars on the themes of teaching methods, organizational learning and social changes;

c) develop methodological approaches in the fields of adult education

d) promoting the studies on transformative theories in education and the methodologies for using it in organizational contexts and professional communities.

The ITLN promotes multidisciplinary study paths on the themes of adult learning, of active development methodologies, also in connection with projects of community of practice, incidental, non-formal and informal learning. ITLN disseminates theoretical and empirical research on transformative learning theories in the field of adult education, social and organizational contexts, professional development.

A historical archive of the research work of the members of the ITLN can be consulted in Italian, English or French in the magazine “Educational Reflective Practices”.