Gaze in the Wind by Etan Pavavalung


Etan Pavavalung

The memories of dancing with the earth of childhood made a vivid impression that remains in his mind till these day. Etan considers our human being that the further we away from nature, the more we might explore and seek the beauty and values of it.

Etan manipulates an image of lily which represents Paiwan as an element of creativity.  This interprets the encounter of human beings and the earth. Moreover, not only through this the culture intension and a new attitude were gained, but also to build the pure value and unforgettable traces in human beings.

The Fragrant Mountain Winds

Those sights, those things
They record the sorrows and love of the migrating mind
I want to head up the mountains again
For my heart seems to hear
The sound of ripe and yellow millets in the mountains
In the music accompanied by divine birds
Bid farewell to the pain and memory of the disaster
Lingering in my dreams
The ever-fragrant winds of the mountains


Calming my heart
The warm breezes
Refreshing and with purpose
Caressing my face
And leading my soul
To a peaceful resting place
My heart beats
A genuine existence
Feeling out the wind’s pace
This bend of water and hills
The source of my joys
The pellucid winds

Your confident eyes
Lead me to joy, drive me crazy
With a faint smile
With some recognition
I am willing to welcome the face with expectations
Promise myself
An agreed-upon eternity
To move the spirits
Recall the blessing eyes
Me and You
Holding on tightly to each other, dancing
In the boundless world within the dream