Walking Thought by Etan Pavavalung

Program of Events

Monthly Program

To provide opportunities for you to connect with, exchange knowledges and co-create new knowledges with other scholars and practitioners from around the world, we would like to start to co-create with you a monthly program.

We will start with offering two activities per month using diverse program activities. While all activities will be recorded, we strongly encourage you to participate to create a sense of community, support the presenters, panel members, etc. and get your questions answered.

Jack Mezirow Seminar Series

This program stream will honour the founding father of the field of transformative learning by scholars or practitioners expanding, deepening or challenging Jack Mezirow’s theory and thinking or looking at his work from an entirely new angle.

If you want to present a seminar in this series, please submit an abstract via email here.

Distinguished Scholar and/or Practitioner Seminar Program

This program will feature selected, invited scholars and practitioners from around the world who have substantially contributed to our understanding of transformative learning and transformation. This seminar will be presented twice per year.

If you would like to nominate a scholar or practitioner to present in this program stream, please let us know by sending us an email here.

Interviews with TL Thought Leaders “Get to know…”

We often read from amazing scholars or practitioners and wonder about their life paths, passions, perspectives, motivations, inspirations, challenges, advice, etc. or love to ask them specific questions. This program stream is designed to give you an opportunity to get to know thought transform* leaders and ask them your burning questions.

If you want to get to know a specific person or love to nominate a scholar or practitioner who you believe has a lot to offer, please get in communicate with us by sending an email here.

Panel Discussions

This program stream gives scholars and practitioners who have been working together as teams regarding specific topics a platform to offer insights into their joined work by using. Alternatively, these panel discussions will bring together several speakers who have diverse perspectives on a topic to generate a thought-provoking and rich exploration of that topic from different angles.

If you want to get to organise a panel discussion or want a panel discussion to a particular “hot or important” topic, please get in communicate with us by sending an email here.

Launch of Recent Books

In this program stream, authors or editors who published a book that directly or indirectly contributes to transformative learning and transformation will launch their books using diverse formats.

If you submitted your book to a publisher or recently published a book, or if you know of a recently published book that contributes to our knowledge regarding transformative learning and transform*, please get in communication with us by sending an email here.

Yarning Circles

Yarning circles are an ancient/Indigenous way of creating a safe and nurturing space that facilitates participants interacting or dialoguing respectfully, authentically, harmoniously, creatively and collaboratively. Yarning circles give every participate a voice and everybody is listened. Yarning circles are an inspiring and empowering way to connect and share, discover, co-create knowledge. These yarning circles could be ongoingly to specific topics, local, regional or country regions and/or specific types of scholars or practitioners.

If you want to create a yarning circle or contribute to creating one, please let us know by sending us an email here.

Special “Hot Topics” Events

In this program stream, we will respond and contribute to “hot topics” on an ad hoc basis as they arise. These events can take any format – traditional to creative.

If you identified a “hot topic” and want us to respond or if you want to offer a “hot topic” event, please get in communication with us by sending an email here.

Other Ideas? Want to contribute?

If you have ideas for other program activities (including innovative formats) or would like to contribute to organising our program activities, we love to hear from you. Please email us here.

Upcoming Events